Hi everyone,

As the year comes to an end, take a look at the numbers in regards to transportation.


Veuillez regarder ces information en ce qui concernes la transportation pour 2019.

2019 Transportation Results

A big thank you to those who did atleast one pick up in 2019: Anthony Caldbick, Ash Martirossian, Bruce Webb, Diane Milford, Donna Olinik, Edgar Brown, Fernando Ferino, Gabriel Borges, Garo Zoulamian, Gary McKeown, Grant Beaulac, Jack Nahabedial, Jean Jacques Morreau, Jim Harocopos, Lee Carr, Lorraine Fiset, Luigi Melli, Lyle Ball, Merv Wood, Mike Olinik, Murray Hanna, Peter Davies, Stephen Gaines, Wayne Weaver.