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NSA in Cornerbrook Newfoundland

Karnak Kleanup by the Motor Corps

Alfa Romeo BBQ for the hospital

Hospital Golf Tournament

Karpenters Golf Tournament


Motor Corps cleanup

  1. Removal of the carpet and glue at the bottom of the stairs, down to the office
  2. Cleaned the monument at the entrance with high pressure cleaner
  3. Painted the flag pole cement bases
  4. Repaired the stone steps at the south side of the building.
  5. Trimmed the hedges and remove the discarded debris
  6. Added top soil c/w grass seed around two sides of the Monument perimeter.
  7. Painted the window frames on the north side of the building.
  8. Cleaned up the gravel in the parking lot south west side.
  9. Placed the picnic table close to the outside office door in the parking lot
  10. High pressured cleaned the uni-pavi stones from the front door towards the monument (removed the grass in the stone joints)