Have you stopped receiving our weekly request for drivers? There could be many reasons… 1 – Your email address was changed and not forwarded to Donna … 2 – Donna is not aware that you want to receive the emails. Please contact Donna to let her know your status. Please also fill out the attached information form to make assigning the Pick-ups easier.

Whether you’re a new Shriner or have been one for many years, you know that our temple is the home to the only Shriners Hospital for Children in CANADA. One way to show support is by helping to save money on transportation costs. In order to accomplish this we always need drivers to pick up our kids.

Each child and their family have a unique outlook on life with one major similar thought. Our hospital has been a godsend to them and being met at the airport helps arriving in a strange city that much easier to handle.

You don’t have to be part of any specific unit, simply a member in good standing of Karnak. You don’t have to do pick-ups alone; you are encouraged to bring your wife with you if she is interested. We have kids arriving daily from all across Canada, the USA and several other countries on a regular basis. They arrive seven days a week at various times each day. Visits can be from a simple trip in and out on the same day; up to a couple of weeks when having surgery. A friendly face at the airport helps to ease the stress of travelling.

Do you want to help save on transportation costs? A substantial amount of money can be saved on an annual basis by being part of the team. Here are some details to help make your decision.

How do I get involved? Contact Donna Olinik, our volunteer driver coordinator, at 514-696-8956 (home) 514-816-0456 (cell) or email at donna.olinik@gmail.com

What happens next? You are taken on a driver orientation Airport Pick-up to be shown the ropes… (a) Where to park at the airport without having to pay (b) Where to await the families for both Domestic and International flights (c) What you need to have with you

What do I need? You will need to see Ill Sir Bill Pitts for car plaques to identify your vehicle at the Airport and your Fez at all times. Child Car Seat when needed which will be provided by Karnak; again, speak with Ill Sir Bill Pitts to obtain one. By law we must have the children properly secured for their safety. Since our kids keep growing up on us, not every kid needs a car seat.

How often and at what times? You are the boss. Are you available daily; weekly, monthly; are you available during the day, the evenings, the weekend? Whenever your schedule allows, you take a pick-up.

How do I know a child needs to be picked up at the Airport? Once you let Donna know you are interested in driving, she will add you to her email list which is sent out on a weekly basis listing the date and time of the upcoming Pick-ups looking for a driver. You then let her know which work for you. It saves time and frustration if you respond to the emails otherwise you receive a phone call asking for your help! The subject line always reads DRIVERS NEEDED so that you don’t miss the email. If not available, just say hopefully one will work for your schedule next week.

A brief description of what is required of the Airport drivers: Drivers, arrive at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport about 15 minutes before the flight is scheduled to arrive and wait in the lobby in a visible spot for the child and parent to arrive. This can sometimes take 45 minutes – 1 hour and 15 minutes for international passengers, as well as about 30 to 45 minutes for domestic passengers who have wheelchairs or other medical equipment (after the flight is shown as having arrived).
A brief description of what is required of PTS Drivers, Our kids from Montreal and the surrounding area also require a lift to the hospital. The assigned PTS driver makes contact with the family about two days prior to the scheduled appointment to make the arrangements for the transportation. They pick the patient up at home, drive them to the Shriners Hospital, wait at the hospital until the appointment is finished and then return them home once again. If you are only able to drive to the hospital, this is also a great but please let Donna know so that alternate arrangements can be made to get the home. Please do not hesitate if you fall under this category… your help is more than needed and welcome!

What do I do now? Now that you are aware of the need for drivers, please fill in the attached driver information form. With this, Donna will be better able to match you with the pick-ups you are able to take. After you have completed the form, email it to donna.olinik@gmail.com. She will add you to the email list for you to choose a pick-up that works with your schedule. You can either phone or email Donna with the pick-up of your choice. Donna will then contact you shortly to make the arrangements for your orientation. If you know of any shriners who do not have email access, please print this out and give it to them. They can then mail the form to Donna Olinik 210 Gardenia, D.D.O., QC H9G 1B7 or drop it off at Karnak to be picked up.

If you have already asked to do pick-ups and have not gone on your orientation or received any response, please fill out the attached form once again and give Donna a call to make sure she has received it.

Yours In The Faith
Steve Roberts
Imperial MDS Team 22