February 1, 2019

I am going to try to remember to give you the monthly results…  No promises!  At least I am starting the year off on the right foot….

In January 2019 we were given a total of 51 requests for pick ups…   5 were cancelled… 1 had a driver assigned but was delayed and so had to take a taxi… 8 had to take a taxi because no drivers were available, or the driver forgot to go to the airport…. 2 were no shows….  This gives us an 84.31% successful pick up rate for January.

I would like to thank the following Shriners for helping during the month of January….  Anthony Caldbick, Bruce Webb, Edgar Brown, Fernando Furino, Gabriel Borges, Garo Zoulouman, Gary MaKeown, Grant Beaulac, Jean Jacques Morreau, Lyle Ball, Mike Olinik, Peter Davies, Stephen Gaines, Wayne Weaver.   Your assistance is invaluable.  Our kids thank you very much.

Some comments from the drivers…

  • Everything under control
  • Pick up completed, no issues
  • Pickup was delayed for 2 hours and were supposed to arrive at 9:15pm, now I’m at the airport and Westjet told me the patient is on another flight that will arrive at midnight
  • Pickup and delivered all went well
  • Plane was delayed, but went well despite the traffic at the airport.
  • Plane arrived on time…  Patient & Father were inn the back of the plane so it took them a while to meet up with me

I am hoping that February is much better than January.  We have several new drivers on the list still waiting for their orientation as well as the paperwork from the hospital.  I look forwards to hearing from everyone with their availability.   Call me if I do not get back to you please.

God Bless

Donna Olinik

Driver Coordinator

Karnak Shriners


ALWAYS wear YOUR FEZ ….ALWAYS identify your vechicle … Please let me know how things went following your pick-up.  When driving from the Airport, it is always a one-way drive.

Check this site for flight progress:  https://flightaware.com/

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