Shrine Clubs

96 Shrine Club

One of the latest editions to Karnak's roster of Shrine Clubs, the 96 Shrine Club was formed in September 2013 by members of Thistle Lodge no. 96. Meeting in Point-St-Charles, Montreal, the club will cater to Nobles living in the SouthWest area of Montreal (Verdun, Lasalle, Lachine).

Chaleur Bay Shrine Club

The Chaleur Bay Shrine Club is located in New Carlisle. The Shriners from the Gaspe area meet at this club to plan events and fundraisers. They are an intricate part of the community in their area.

St. Maurice Valley Shrine Club

This Shrine Club covers Three-Rivers and the surrounding area. They are very active not only with the Shrine but also as a part of their community. Their fundraisers take on many forms based on family activities.

If you live in this area then this vibrant club is for you.