Arab Patrol and Drum Corps

The Arab Patrol and Drum Corps is a band that performs with precision marching. The instruments of this group are the "GLOCKS" and the "DRUMS". They can be seen in Shriner’s parades as the colorful band behind the flags, setting the beat for all the marchers.

Clown Unit

The clown unit is probably the unit most appreciated by children as well as adults. Every clown spends 1 to 2 hours putting on his makeup before he appears in public. Every clown face is registered and becomes part of your Shriner Clown personality.

Directors Unit

The Directors Unit is referred to as the engine that pulls the Shrine. That is why their emblem as well as their parade vehicle is the "Locomotive". This unit is responsible for preparing our new candidates and leading them through their ceremonial entrance into the Shrine.

Greeters Unit

We provide transportation for our out-of-town Kids and their guardians to The Shriners Hospital or to a Montreal area lodging for their stay while in town for their appointment. We are the Friendly & Welcoming men wearing the Fez at the airport after a long day's journey.

Motor Corps

With the exception of possibly the Clown Unit, the Motor Corps are the most recognizable Shriners come parade day. Whether on motorcycles or zipping around in miniature cars, the Motor Corps always make their presence felt.

The Motor Corps have a simple motto:

Oriental Band

The name says it all. The Oriental band is a band playing Middle Eastern music and wearing colorful customs that make them look like genies that have just emerged from Aladdin’s Lamp. Watched closely you can be amazed at the precision in the various marching maneuvers.

Pipes & Drums

Wearing a kilt and full Scottish regalia, the Pipes & Drums escort the flags and the dignitaries into all official Shrine functions. They are also a unit that likes to parade and they like to compete against other pipe bands. The Pipes and Drums have a long military and civil history.

Provost Corps

The name of this unit comes from the military police, and the Provost Unit is the police or security of our Shrine. They man the doors at the Shrine during official functions. They man the entrances and provide security in the arena at the Karnak Rodeo.