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Mooers Parade

The Frontier Shrine Club participated in the Labor Day Parade organized by the Mooers Fire Department. A delegation left from the Hemingford Lodge at 10h45am and met in Mooers at 11h00am and the parade started at 12h00/noon. The parade started from St-Joseph’s Church, 91 Maple Street.

The Frontier Shrine Club won 3rd prize for their parade entry. Congratulations to the Club a prize on their first parade.

Frontier Garage Sale

On September 19th and 20th, le Club Shriners Fronier Shrine Club held its first "Appraisal fair and garage sale" in Hemmingford. The event was a great success and we were able to make 1,050$. Several citizens had valuables evaluated and the garage sale was also very popular. Thank you to those who came to encourage the Club and to the Ladies and Nobles who participated. You are the reason of our success, always for the benefit of sick children.

NSA 2015

September 17th to the 20th was the Northeast field days in Lewiston Maine hosted by Kora Temple. Karnak Temple had their rooms and hospitality room at the Garden Hilton in Auburn Maine. Lewiston and Auburn are twin cities connected by a bridge near our hotel and we were able to walk to most events.

Thursday night was the counterparts dinner which was held at Kora Temple. It is worth the trip just to marvel at the beautiful murals that were painted by a shriner in the 1920's on the walls of the Temple.

Oktoberfest 2015

Saturday the 26 September was the annual Oktoberfest put on by Karnak Provost Corps.

The hall was packed, the beer was flowing, and the band was the band was playing "roll out the barrel" polka.

The meal was right from Bavaria with the sausage, Weiner-schnitzel, sauerkraut, potato salad, rolls and of course apple strudel for dessert.

When the band took a break this brought on the accordion player and the Bavarian dancers whom, in full costume, preformed the traditional dances of this area of Germany.

Maple Sugar Bowl

The first weekend in August is the time to head for Quichee Vermont for the annual Maple Sugar Bowl. This is a football game between the High School seniors of Vermont against the seniors from New Hampshire. The purpose of the game is to raise money for the three (3) NSA hospitals, which are Boston, Springfield and the Canadian Hospital.

Karnak Golf Tournament

It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining on Thursday July 23rd for Karnak's annual golf tournament at Summer Heights Golf Links in Cornwall. A total 65 people decided to enjoy some fraternal competition in this best ball tournament. The golf club was open for breakfast as some of the golfers thought they would get an edge by hitting a bucket of balls before tee-off. The first tee-off was at 10H00 a.m. by Noble Len and his foursome.

la Club Karnak Fronter presente "Foire d'évaluation et vente de garage"

Les 19 et 20 septembre dernier la Club Karnak Fronter Shrine Club tenait une activité appelée "foire d'évaluation et vente de garage". Plusieurs personnes ont profité de l'occasion pour faire évaluer un bijou, un souvenir de famille et autre objet. Ces évaluations et la vente de garage ont permi au Club d'amasser la jolie somme de 1050$. Encore une activité qui a remporté un beau succès grâce aux dames et nobles de notre Club. Bravo et merci à tous au nom des enfants malades.

Visite du Potentat

Déja quatre (4) mois depuis l’Installation comme Potentat des Shriners Karnak. Le mois de Janvier était occupé avec l’Installation des Unités et Clubs. Accompagné de mon épouse nous avons été reçus par les Dames Auxiliaires  et les Filles du Nile. ( Daughter of the Nile deKarnak. ) .Nous remercions ces groupes de fières supporteurs de Karnak.

Les visites des Centres Shriners débuta avec les Shriners de Aleppo (Boston) suivi de Melha (Springfield) et de la réunion hivernal  du Nord-Est à Springfield Mass.

Potentate's Visitations Report

Already four ( 4 ) months went by since being installed as Potentate of Karnak Shriners.

The month of January was busy with installation of Clubs and Units. My Lady Joan  and myself were received by the Ladies Auxiliary and Daughters of the Nile. They were wonderful occasions to  meet dedicated supporters of Karnak, and we thank them.

Visits to Shrine Centers started with Aleppo (Boston) in

February, then twice to Springfield for Melha Shrine Center and the mid-winter for the Northeast Shrine  Association.

Potentates Weekend Visitation

Congratulations to Ill Sir Gilles and Joan once again on a very enjoyable weekend!

From the Wine and Cheese party on Friday night to the closing of the banquet on Saturday Night everything went perfectly well!

The Friday night choice of cheeses and wine to accent them was a pleasure for the palette. 

All the visiting guests gave positive feedback.