NSA 2018 held in Rutland, VT from Sept 13 – 16 was another great success.  Karnak was out in full force with more than 17 nobles and their ladies participating in the fun and competition.

Karnak’s Motor Corps unit was competing in several events as well as taking part in the parade through downtown Rutland.  The awards dinner on Saturday was well attended.  And everyone saw our boys not only win Best in Inspection but also 1st place in the Slow Ride precision course !  Congratulations to President Noble Alan Glezos and his very dedicated team of ATV riders.  They not only spent hours practicing their routine but also had to haul the equipment across the border.

Next year’s NSA (Northeast Shrine Association) Field Days is being held by MAZOL temple in Cornerbrook, Nfld.  That’s right – on the rock !  Make a vacation of it and bring the kids.  What a great opportunity to promote shrinedom, have fun AND take a vacation !

We actually do work there as well – and not one sleepy head in the place.

not even a 90 year old can get bored of NSA business !



Imperial Sir Mark Hartz addressing the crowd


onto the Competition Field – and these guys were part of the competition.  Tough to beat Nobles in tuxedos, driving Tin Lizzys


Allepo Motor Cycles are the perennial champs in the 2 wheel division.  And they won again this year


Karnak Motor Corps team meeting before the inspection

Tunis getting worried !!


lining up for the parade – Tom Henderson’s Thomas the Train, the Potentate’s car (OK the First Lady’s car she allowed him to drive), and the new SD&G 12 seater bus beautifully wrapped with the Hospital !


Calling all you new nobles – why not start a Hillbilly Clan?  you too could drive something like this !


Your Divan hard at work

the crowds were welcoming all throughout the parade route.  what a great little town Rutland is.

After the parade and the Motor Corps just keeps on going !

And here they are celebrating their win !