The name of this unit comes from the military police, and the Provost Unit is the police or security of our Shrine. They man the doors at the Shrine during official functions. They man the entrances and provide security in the arena at the Karnak Rodeo. They are also the unit that is honored with carrying the flags in our parades or presenting the colors at official functions.


This Unit is a part of the working corps of Karnak Temple and as such participates in Temple functions and ceremonies by order of, or with the consent of, the Potentate of Karnak Temple.

Promotes good fellowship among its members and perform any fraternal or social service as may be voted by a majority of the active and veteran members in good standing present at any meeting.

The Provost Corps is responsible for all temple security matters.

The unit ensures that ALL Nobles of the Mystic Shrine wishing to attend General Meetings, Ceremonials, and Shrine Parades are in possession of a valid current year dues card and wearing a fez.

The Provost Corps forms the official color party at all Shrine Parades, Temple functions, and ceremonials.


For current Initiation Fees and Annual Dues, please contact the Secretary.


Regular general meetings of the Unit are held at the Temple the 4th, Monday of each month, excepting June, July and August, and the 3rd, Monday in December.